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Two Roses from Bluesday Tuesday

Two Roses


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Two Roses

Two roses planted in a bed, bound and tied, together they live.

Two roses given light, grow their roots, with room to give.

One rose with laughter,

One rose with charm,

One rose would wither,

One rose would harm.

Two roses working hard, staying fed, to be in bloom.

Two roses searching far, to see the light, within their womb.

One rose with feelings,

One rose with fears,

One rose saw anger,

One rose saw tears.

Two roses stretching high, they twist and turn, to survive.

Two roses point their thorns, hurt and tear, to stay alive.

One rose would listen,

One rose could hear,

One rose heard nothing,

One rose not near,

Two roses struggle free, no longer tied, they grow apart.

Two roses breaking free, parting ways, with a heavy heart.

One rose had answers,

One rose had guilt,

One rose saw shadows,

One rose would wilt.

Two roses in the garden, losing, losing their way.

Two roses in the garden, choosing, choosing to stay.

Two roses in the garden, learning, learning to pray.

Two roses in the garden, together now, and everyday.