Turtellini the Turbo-Charged Turtle is Doug’s most recent children’s book.  It takes place in our backyards where turtles live.  But, this turtle is different.  Turtellini is an inventor and he wants to go faster.  In fact he wants to break the speed record on water, and maybe, just maybe reach Mach Three. 


    He sets out designing a fast outboard motor.  First he designs the Turtle Power One, or TP1 for short.  Although the TP1 is fast, it is not fast enough to his liking. 


    So back he goes to his inventor’s workshop and he builds the Very Fast Twelve engine or VF12 for short.  Turtellini straps it to his shell and launches it in Higgins Lake. In a few minutes he discovers it is just not fast enough.  Besides, his neighborhood lake is way too small to handle this kind of speed.


    He returns to his workshop and tinkers and toils until he creates the Turtle Turbo Prop Twenty-four engine.  He unveils the new TTP24 the next morning and launches it in a much wider lake, Walloon Lake.  He takes a few spins in his new turbo-charged creation, but by sundown he is bored.


   Not satisfied he then gets inspired to go all out. He designs yet another engine.  This one is the biggest anyone has ever seen.  He calls it the TTP36 which he guarantees will go to Mach Three.  He takes it all the way to Lake Humongous.  A large crowd is waiting to witness the historic event.  Nobody has ever seen a turtle try and break the all-time water speed record.  He launches the beast of an engine bolted to his back and zooms off. 


   Then it happens.

  What happens?  Well, what happens to Turtellini? 

   Sorry, you’ll have to read the book to find out.


   Turtellini the Turbo-Charged Turtle is filled with many creative and inventive moments.  Turtellini fights his own impatience and his drive for perfection.  He discovers his own capabilities can carry him to new heights of achievement.  With a little hard work and imagination Turtellini knows no limits.


     This story is also self-published and Doug would like to find a national publishing house to bring it to a larger audience. For more info contact Doug MacGregor at mactoons@comcast.net

Turtellini, The Turbo-Charged Turtle

by Doug MacGregor ©2011

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