When we left Mr. Turtellini in his first book, he was flying high above Little Lost Pond in Turtle Turbo Prop 44 Flyer.  Having broken the water speed record, The Incredible Turtellini has now set his sights skyward and is soaring high into the clouds.  What else would you expect from the cleverest turtle you’ve ever met?  Inspired by famous aviators in his history books like the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindbergh, Turtellini launches into an amazing airborne adventure across America. 

Where will it take him? What will he see?  Who will he meet?  How far will he go? 
Let’s hop aboard the TTP44 flyer and find out. Turtellini is about to take you on a reading adventure you’ll never forget.   Hang on tight kiddos, here we go!


Turtellini’s Amazing Sky High Adventures

by Doug MacGregor ©2017

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