Rad Hair Day, is a 52-page book that will capture a child’s heart with a sense of wonder and purpose.  Imaginatively illustrated, Rad Hair Day is a tall tale about the care for hair and a medical cause to share. It is dedicated to children struggling with special challenges that result in long-term medical hair loss.

    The story stars a twin teenage brother and sister who really need a haircut. Mom sends them and their wicked long hair to the local salon where they enjoy a friendly competition in hair design. Their stylist shapes, swirls, twirls and twists the twins ’locks into designs and hairdos that take them all over the world.

   From the crazy cactus shapes in arid Arizona to the icy igloos of Alaska, from hanging Spanish moss, intricate Gordian knots, tipping teepees and leaning towers in Italy, triumphant treasures in Paris, London, New York, Asia and Russia, hair is magically transformed into famous landmarks all around the globe.

   Teachers and parents alike will enjoy the lessons in geography and history Rad Hair Day covers on its journey of design. When the twins finally put their heads together to form the Gateway Arch of St. Louis they make a wish. And it’s this wish that brings a wonderful ending to the book that will change lives. Join the Rad Hair Day journey and the cause to help children with long-term medical hair loss.

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