Meet Ochre the Smoker.  He is huge. He is smelly. He chain smokes all day.  Ochre the Smoker, the big fat ogre has to learn his lesson the hard way. 


     Will he ever quit his nasty habit?  Learn from the foibles of Ocher the Smoker on his earthly adventure. His journey takes him around the world where he discovers the effects of global warming from sea creatures who are trying to survive.


     Will Ochre live to tell about it?


     Ochre the Smoker is a 48-page chapter book for young at heart readers seven to a hundred and seven years old.  It teaches children the ill effects of smoking and the need to keep the air around us clean.


    It also has a global warming message seen through the eyes of a whale, a polar bear, a manatee and a puffin.  These sea creatures see the waters around them warming and warn us of the rapidly changing consequences of nature.


     As an editorial cartoonist for the past 30 years I have drawn and passionately covered the issues that are close to my heart. Getting children to stay away from cigarettes is a cause I felt I needed to help with having lost close friends to lung cancer the past several years.  The result is this children’s book.


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Ochre The Smoker  ©2007

To purchase Ochre The Smoker visit

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