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North Breeze


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North Breeze

Clouds, wind and the rain,

Filling my veins,

Feeling that North breeze.

Change coming.

Love, withered and tied,

Can not remain,

Needs to be wiser.

Change blowing.

Winds changing the vane.

Clouds changing the light.

Rains start falling.

Wild morning.

Storm warning.

Oh, there is no doubt,

Seasons will change,

Going to be colder.

North blowing.

Love battered by storm,

Given a chance,

Going to find new air.

Change blowing.

Winds filling my sail.

Clouds raising the sky.

Rains start falling.

Rains falling.

Clouds calling.

Winds howling.

Storm warning.

When a North breeze blows.

Feel that North breeze.

On and on and on it goes.

Know that North breeze blows.

Clouds, wind and the rains,

Chilling my veins,

Leaving me colder.

Chains gone.

Love, love that has flown,

Learning to be free,

Love, love on its own,

Flies higher, flies wiser.

Flies higher, flies wiser.

Flies higher, flies.