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Morgan McKinney’s Bigger-Than-Life

Bedtime Story  ©2016

     Award-winning cartoonist Doug MacGregor has just created his newest children’s book!

It stars Morgan McKinney, a big lovable kid who is rambunctious and full of energy. No one can jump like Morgan and no one has a feather pillow like Morgan. You know, the feather pillow with the DO NOT REMOVE tag on it. It isn’t until his mother tells him a bedtime story on Christmas Eve that he discovers just what happens when the tag is pulled OFF.  Follow Morgan and all the large animals at the zoo on their amazing airborne adventure above Florida. Meet Henry, the Humongous Hippo; Ralph, the Rugged Rhino; Eloise, the Purple-Spotted Elephant Seal;  Garth, the Goliath Grouper; and Martha, the Monstrous Manatee.  Watch for a guest appearance by the Big Guy himself, Santa Claus. And don’t miss the super cool surprise ending!