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Sunday Sanctuary


Sunday Sanctuary

Funny, Funny


Monday’s Child

Bluesday Tuesday

Funky Monkey Groove


Two Roses


North Breeze


On Wednesday,

We Jam

Thursday’s Garage Collage

All home grown CDs are available for $15 each. 

If you would like to purchase any of Doug’s CDs contact him at mactoons@comcast.net

Doug spends a lot of his free time writing songs at home in his studio.

Using GarageBand, Doug composes melodies on his guitar and then

sings, records and tracks his voice, guitar and harmonica into his Mac. 

Above are six sample songs.  “Sunday Sanctuary” is the title song from his

first CD”.  “Funky Monkey Groove” is off his second CD, Monday’s Child

“Two Roses” is from his third CD, Bluesday Tuesday“Funny, Funny” is a

track from his CD, On Wednesday We Jam. “Holy Roller Man” is from Thursday’s Garage Collage II. And finally “Joy Ride” is from his latest CD, Friday Fish Fry.   Hope you enjoy them all!

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Big Fish To Fry


Friday Fish Fry