Doug MacGregor has been a cartoonist for over 40 years.  He got his professional start drawing editorial cartoons for the Norwich Bulletin in eastern Connecticut in 1980.  He moved to Florida in 1988 and drew cartoons for The News-Press in Fort Myers, FL until June of 2011.  Doug is also a graphic designer, freelance artist and children’s book author and illustrator.  He also teaches cartooning and creativity to the young and young at heart.  Below you can discover the assortment of children’s books Doug has written and illustrated in his career. Doug currently works in the Arts in Healthcare field for Lee Health in SW Florida.

Morgan McKinney’s Bigger-Than-Life Bedtime Story is a light-
hearted Christmas story. It stars Morgan McKinney, a big kid from 
Florida who is rambunctious and full of energy.  No one can jump 
like Morgan and no one has a feather pillow like Morgan. Follow 
Morgan and all the large animals at the zoo on their amazing 
airborne adventure.  Watch for a guest appearance by the Big Guy 
himself, Santa Claus. And don’t miss the super cool surprise ending!

                                                     Turtellini, the Turbo-Charged Turtle is another of Doug’s 
                                                     highly-inventive children’s book.  It takes place in an imaginary
                                                     backyard where Turtellini the turtle lives to go fast.  Turtellini is
                                                     is a clever inventor who wants to break the speed record on water, 
                                                     and maybe, just maybe reach Mach Three. Follow the fascinating
                                                     adventures of Turtellini today!  Learn more about Turtellini here.

Turtellini, The Turbo-Charged Turtle is available at and

Turtellini’s Amazing Sky High Adventures is the sequel to Turtellini’s first book. This time our
                                                     turbo-powered turtle sets his sights on flying.  Where will his sky high
                                                     adventures take him now? Hang on readers, Turtellini is ready to  
                                                     take you far away and historic places. Join Turtellini on his next amazin                                          invention adventure. Click here to see a promo video. Click here to 
                                                     order the new classic Turtellini book now!

Rad Hair Day, is a 52-page book that will capture a child’s heart with
a sense of wonder and purpose.  Imaginatively illustrated, Rad Hair Day
is a tall tale about the care for hair and a cause to share.  It is dedicated
to children struggling with special challenges that result in long-term 
medical hair loss.
                                   Doug also self-published his popular, 
                                      Get Creative, Turn On The Bright Side Of
                                      Your Brain  is a fun 144-page book filled with visual 
                                      puzzles, brain teasers, drawing, coloring, math and
                                      reading exercises that will challenge the young 
                                      and young at heart to be more creative everyday.
                                      Get Creative...Turn On The Bright Side Of Your Brain.. is also available at  

In 2007, he wrote and illustrated, Ochre The Smoker.  Ochre is a fantastic fable that cleverly teaches children the importance of clean air and staying away from smoking.
Ochre the Smoker is available at 
All five children’s books are seeking publication at a national publishing house. 

Doug is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

When Doug is not at his drawing board he is out playing music.  He sings and plays harmonica in local blues bands around Southwest Florida. He also writes and records his own songs at home using a Mac and GarageBand.  You can check out his cartoons and his music on this website.  

Doug draws a monthly Sunday editorial cartoon for the News-Press in Fort Myers. He does freelance cartoon work too.  If you are in need of a cartoon for a special occasion Doug can draw one for you.  Check out his portfolio here.

    Doug also likes to make small iMovies to share his thoughts on the world.  See one of these videos entitled, I’ve Got To Wonder here.Graphic_Design.htmlCartoon_Gallery.htmlChildrens_Books.htmlClasses_with_Doug_Lectures.htmlClasses_with_Doug_Lectures.htmlMorgan_McKinney.htmlTurtellini_Turtle_Book.htmlTurtellini_Turtle_Book.html
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